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Protected environment

The Government issued a federal protection under the Endangered Species Act over three decades ago. In April of 2011 President Obama removed that protection allowing the individual states wildlife agencies to manage animals. Since the removal of protection wolves have been mercilessly slaughtered by hunters and trappers. Take in mind it takes a wolf pup two to three years in the wild to become sexually mature so that breeding can take place. This means their numbers will dwindle rapidly.

It's hard work to give these beautiful animals the life they deserve. We are in the process of expanding their enclosure to 96'x96'. If you would like to Help out, donations are appreciated.


Wolf Rescue

Here at The Howling Wolf we are providing a wolf rescue for wolves and wolfdogs. We want to help with wolfdog education. The Howling Wolf would like to guide people into making the right decisions and hopefully shed some light on what is and what isn't a wolf to spare some of the unnecessary situations that they are put in. We are not a non-profit organization but provide for these animals out of our own pockets. The site is just now being built so there will be several more pages added. A link page will be added to give further information about wolves, we hope to tie all wolf lovers together. A forum is currently being built, join our blog and discuss it with us if you have any suggestions. The Howling Wolf will also have it's own pages with facts about wolves and wolfdogs and our own pictures showing differences. Right now we are in the process of getting permission to link to very helpful sites. Keep checking back for further updates! Also Check us out on our social media!